Measuring the Social Context at the Social Level

SharedThinking provides you with a way of looking at specific social contexts, cultures and organisations at the social level. It provides tools to help anyone permitted to understand your social climate in a situated & relational view. Use SharedThinking to develop shared values and organisational change in a participative and belonging-based approach. Explore changes in social beliefs and knowledge across time, groups, sites and at different social levels across the organisation.

From Abstract Concept to Social Reality

SharedThinking takes a uniquely clear approach to the concept of belonging and engagement. We help you to co-construct and visualise social knowledge to help everyone understand and discuss the social context. This is a social and collaborative approach to development for groups and organisations of almost any size. SharedThinking helps you turn your values and thinking into a social and visible reality.

SharedThinking & Social Belonging

A sense of belonging improves well-being, increases engagement and aids retention. SharedThinking helps you achieve these aims through a process of identity formation and visualisation of social knowledge across the organisation. Use SharedThinking to develop a context-specific and group-relevant approach to social knowledge development easily and visibly.

Thinking Analytics

Thinking Analytics is a unique social and cultural mapping system. We give you the tools and technology to support a thinking-based process for groups and organisations over time and across different spaces. Thinking Analytics develops social knowledge for one-off occasions and sequenced events. Thinking Analytics provides a process-based alternative to systems focused on outcomes and behaviour-based Learning Analytics. The use of Thinking Analytics gives you the tools to explore relational thinking at group-level across courses, departments, sites and institutions. Easily facilitate shared inquiry into thinking at the social and cultural level and develop empathy and belonging in its social and cultural context.

Contact Us

The SharedThinking Project includes Student-Generated Induction and the Thinking Analytics system as part of our Belonging Based Practice.

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