May 27th 2019

Open University of Scotland

We're in Scotland again on May 27th running another bespoke event. This time we're delighted to be collaborating with the Open University of Scotland as we explore student-generated approaches to online learning. This is with a particular focus on the development of belonging online and the use of a social identity (Tajfel, Turner) approach as a theoretical framework. We're really excited to be returning to Scotland as the birthplace of "Student-Generated Induction: A Social Identity Approach."

July 3rd 2019

University of Brighton

We're on the South Coast again running another bespoke event. This time we're really thrilled to be working with the University of Brighton helping to develop an inclusive approach to induction and student transition. We'll be delivering a bespoke workshop on "Student-Generated Induction: A Social identity Approach" working collaboratively with teaching and support staff at the university. This is taking place on July 3rd and we can't wait to join everyone at the seaside.

November 28th 2019


'Student-Generated Induction: A Social Identity Approach' is returning to London on November 28th.

This established workshop offers firsthand experience of a new social, participative and inclusive approach to student induction and transition. You will have the opportunity to share issues relating to your induction and transition practice as well as a chance to learn from the practice of others. You will learn about a new belonging-based theory for the design of inclusive learning and teaching as part of this event.

Student-Generated Induction, developed from doctoral research at the University of Glasgow, has already transferred into practices at different universities and colleges throughout the UK. Running since 2012, this workshop is almost certainly the most established forum for exploring induction, transition and widening participation together within UK Higher Education. This belonging-based workshop is therefore closely aligned with the values of World Access to Higher Education Day ( ) which we support by running this particular event on November 28th.

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February 20th 2020

Student-Generated Induction: A Belonging-Based Approach, London

We're back in London for the New Year. To start 2020 we'll be delivering Student-Generated Induction: A Belonging-Based Practice. This has become the most established forum in the UK for sharing and discussing current practice around the issues of student induction, transition and retention. This event is in Bloomsbury at the Mary Ward House Conference Centre on Thursday 20th February.